What is Routing Number of Bank & How Do I Find?

What is Routing Number of Bank?


Guess, tell me on your own, “what is a bank routing number or what is a routing number of banks? Since we used to play with this words of many times a day for our financial works.

But, still some us are not well aware of this word. What is say “Routing numbers or routing transitĀ numbers”.

So, today we will learn what is routing number of banks & what is routing transit number of banks? in this post.

Bank routing number | Routing Transit Number

What do you understand with the wordĀ “RTN (routing transit number) or routing number of the bank?

Basically,Ā Bank routing number is nothing. But, it is a combination of a nine-digit number in systematic order. And, the need ofĀ Bank routing number is, it helps inĀ identification of any financial institution to make any transaction through the wire or through the internet.

what is bank routing number

In fact, most of the transactions are done by using theĀ ACH and wire transfers.

Usually, banks acquired only oneĀ routing number. But, few used to have more than one for serving their customer’s various kinds of the facility. Multiple routing may be because ofĀ geographical regions or location of their branch.

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So, it is very important to be sure of what routing number we are using is? Is it correct or not? before starting any money transfer. Since a minor mistake in your transfer may results in a big loss to you.

How to Find Your Bank Routing Number?

There are numbers of ways to find out bank routing numbers or credit union routing numbers.

But, the most common of all these is toĀ find bank routing numbers from the checkbook. The routing numbers of any bank or any credit union are written on the left bottom end of the bank cheque and are electronically printed on the cheque.

how to find bank routing number

Although, it is very important to note down that few ofĀ financial institutions acquire more than one routing numbers for paper transactions & electronic transactions.

One can easily find out these routing transit numbers on the official web page of the particular bank. Just, login into the online banking section and find the perfect one, you are looking for.

It may possible that you are not able to find out a particular one, which you are looking for. In such cases, it is a good idea to have contact with the head or branch office of certain bank or credit union. Have call or post a mail to the head office.

When Is a Bank Routing Number Used?

The routing number of any bank or bank routing numbers are very essential. And,Ā play a vital role in making a transaction through the internet or mobile banking.

You may be askedĀ to enter your bank routing numbers for several times to execute certain fund transfer through the internet. Like, there is always need of your bankĀ account number and bank routing number to pay bills with mobile banking.

Also, there is also need of routing transit numbers whileĀ processing checks and transferring funds internationally.

Routing number or routing transit numbers on your bank checks may differ from the required routing numbers to proceed transaction through wire transfer. And, unavailability of routing numbers with you may result in the delay. So, it is a good idea to keep routing numbers, always with you.

Who ProvidesĀ Bank Routing Number?

You might think that by whom, bank routing numbers are issued or provided? Or which authority is responsible for providing bank routing number? Here is an answer…

In general, all banks have their own bank routing numbers. And, each and every bank have different routing numbers. Usually, banks used to have only single routing transit numbers. But, for the ease of comfort of their users, few financial assistance starts to keep more than one routing number. The difference in their routing numbers may be one the geological location or their branch location, etc.

But,Ā the American Banker’s Association (ABA) is responsible for providing bank routing numbers.Ā And, no one other than this can provide any new routing transit number to any bank and its branches.

usaa routing numbers

Here below are some most searcher routing numbers by the people. Have a look at given below routing number list:

Hope that this postĀ about what is routing numbers of banks or what is bank routing numbers is helpful and informative for you. So, that you can understand well that what is bank routing numbers and bank routing transit numbers…

However, please leave a comment, if you still have any kind of query regardingĀ bank routing numbers and bank routing transit number.Ā 

Also, inform us, if you are unable to findĀ particular routing numbers and transit numbers of a particular bank.

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