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USAA Routing Number (Federal Savings Bank Routing Number)

Hey, are you searching any information related Routing Number of USAA Federal Savings Bank or USAA checking routing numbers? 

Then, first of all, I tell you that getting  USAA routing numbers and Federal Saving Bank routing numbers are very simple and easiest task in the world of finance.

Just, spend few bites time with me to get it. I will provide you reliable and genuine USAA FSB Routing Number for all USAA branched, what you are looking for on the internet.

I assure that all the information and routing numbers of USAA, FSB provided in this article are properly working to date, of particular USAA branches.

If you have not come to the word anytime “Routing Number” or “Routing Transit Number”. Then please check the following post on What is Routing Number on Check? to learn the basics of routing numbers and routing transit numbers on the check.

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USAA FSB Routing Numbers

The USAA  is short name of United Services Automobile Association. And, the Federal Savings Bank is a major financial assistance provider in the states of Texas.

usaa routing numbers

In fact, the  Federal Savings Bank (FSB) has the USAA FSB Routing Number. And, it is the basic need for making a national and international fund transfer.

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The Federal Savings Bank is a major financial assistance provider in the states of Texas. And, it facilitates their users with the facility of Investments, Banking, access Automobile Insurances & Subsidiaries only and only to the Military families of USA.

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What is USAA Routing Numbers?

You may think that ” What is USAA Routing Numbers? And why I Need it?”

Basically. The USAA routing numbers are nothing!!! But, a combination of 9 digit code, assigned by the ABA. The basic need for USAA routing numbers is that without it, it is not possible to perform any kind of fund transfer through net banking and mobile banking.

It is mostly used to find out the location and general information regarding that financial institution. Which they belong too.

USAA Routing numbers are most used by the Federal Reserve Banks to access Fedwire funds transfers. And Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct fund transfers, various bill payments, and some other automated fund transfers.

USAA Routing Number | Checking

If you want to find out or wants to check where are USAA routing numbers? Then, it is simplest tasks, ever to perform.

The USAA routing numbers can be found at the left bottom corner of the USAA Check and USAA federal banks check.

Usaa (FSB) Routing Number

Initially, USAA Federal Savings bank (FSB) was organized by 25 army officers in the USA. Their primary motive behind starting this was “to provide insurance to their automobiles.

They start with the branch in San Antonio, Texas. Which later expanded to the entire states of Texas. They also provide other financial assistance to army families including Property Insurance, Financial planning services, Banking Mortgage services, etc.

You can find out the USAA Transit number and USAA FSB Routing Number through the official web page: Usaa Bank Routing.

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USAA Checking Routing Number

See the following profile of USAA checking routing numbers

usaa checking routing numbers

Fed ACH Routing

Name Usaa Federal Savings Bank
Main Office Address
(d3w’01464)_ San Antonio, TX 78288
Servicing Fed’s Main Office
111000038, Po Box 291, Minneapolis, MN

Fed wire Routing

Name Usaa Federal Savings Bank
Telegraphic Name USAA FEDL SA
Location San Antonio, TX 78288
Funds Transfer Status Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status Ineligible

All USAA Routing Numbers | List

Routing Numbers Process Fed ACH Process Fed wire Register Name Location
122487129 Yes Yes USAA savings Bank San Antonio, Texas
314074269 Yes Yes USAA Federal savings Bank San Antonio, Texas
114094041 Yes Yes USAA Federal savings Bank San Antonio, Texas

USAA Federal Savings Bank Routing Numbers

usaa fsb bank

USAA Federal Savings Bank {( routing number: 314074269)}

The USAA FSB had started their banking service for the first time in the year of 1983. And, the main branch of USAA FSB is headquartered in the states of Texas.

Basically, this financial assistance in Texas provide all kinds of bank-related services to the armies families. And, all the bank services provided by this are easy to use. These all services can be obtained through mobiles, or by a person or by an email to the bank. Even you can get through the use of Internet also. Go to the official portal of Usaa Routing Numbers to get.

For your comfort, I would like to inform you that, USAA FSB had launched their own mobile app. You can get this amazing mobile app on the app store, Android app store and Windows app store.

With the help of this mobile app, you can check your account transactions on the go on your device. You can also check the statistics of your USAA FSB account. This also presents free rebates on ATM accounts @ $ 15 / month. With the help this app, you can also pay out various kind of pills. And, can enjoy banking related other for almost free of charge.

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But, to enjoy these all, you must need USAA FSB Routing Number with you. So, please download the following list of or save it your device for your comfort, whenever you require using. Since without USAA routing numbers it is not possible to enjoy these all services of USAA Federal Saving Bank.

To compete with other banks, the USAA FSB also makes avail numerous kind of other services. It provides health & life insurances annuity, mail order catalog services for jewelry & Diamonds. They also provide various discount offers for the online shopping through the net. They make available FTD Floral Delivery, Jewellery & Diamond Customer Care Services.

The significant service given by this bank is ” it offers various auxiliary aids for disabled customers & provides accommodation”. Which makes it different from the remaining one in the crowd of financial assistance.

USAA Customer Service Phone Number

Check the following table to find out USAA address San Antonio & USAA customer service Phone number.

 Phone Number 00-800-531-87220
Hours of Operation Monday to Friday: 7:30 AM to 10 PM
Saturday: 8 AM to 6 PM
Mailing Address USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX USA 78288-9876
ABA Transit Routing Number 314074269

USAA Location Near Me

Check the following map to locate any particular USAA FSB locations near me:

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