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Regions Bank Routing Numbers

Hello dear friends, Regions Bank Routing Numbers allows to start and complete any kind of transfer with it to their customer for fund transfer through Mobile banking, direct deposits, wire transfer, paper or electronic transaction.

In fact, without Regions Routing Numbers, it is not possible to complete any transactions with Regions Bank for proceeding any fund transfers or direct deposits successfully.

So, if you are a member of this bank, then you should check this post about Routing Numbers for Regions Bank to get Regions bank address for mobile banking, direct deposits, wire transfer or any other online transaction with Regions Bank.

Regions Bank Routing Transit Numbers

Region Bank is subsidiary of Regions Financial Corp which is a bank and financial services provider, which is headquartered in the Regions Center in Birmingham, Alabama. It provides retail & commercial banking, securities brokerage, trust, mortgage and insurance products with few additional services.

regions bank routing number

The banking subsidiary of Regions Financial Corporations, Regions Bank operates more than about 1,906 ATM (automated teller machines) with 1,527 local bank branches in 15 different states in the Midwestern United States and the Southern United States.

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It is also listed in the top largest banks in the USA. And, it is the only single member of the Fortune 500, having headquarters in the Alabama States.

Currently, Regions Bank has its active branches in 16 different states including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia in the United States.

What is My Region Bank Checking Routing Number?

Regions Bank Routing Number is a unique identification mark for each branch of Regions Bank. And it is used to transfer money via wire transfers, checks, or direct deposits or Regions Bank Mobile Banking.

Basically, this number is allocated by an independent body in the United States known as American Bankers Association (ABA). It is also known as Regions Bank ABA routing or transit number. And, it differs from one US state to another depending Your state branch locations, where you have opened your account.

It is important to know that the routing number of Regions bank enables us to transfer funds via different means of a money transfer via wire transfers, direct deposits, and also to use effectively the check services of the bank.

Find Region Bank ABA Routing Number

There are numbers of ways to get your routing number for Regions Bank. There is a significant routing transit number for each particular Regions bank for different bank branch locations from one US state to another.

However, you can easily find your own routing number for Regions Bank.

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You can view this routing number of Regions bank by looking at the bottom of your checks or deposit slips for any bank branch location.

It is a nine-digit number located at the leftmost corner of the check, just before your account number.

regions bank routing number on checks

Regions Routing Number for all State Branch Locations

You might have experienced that you requested to enter the Regions bank routing number, whenever you are approaching or processing for mobile payments or online transfers.

And, do note that without accurate Regions Bank Transit Number you are not allowed to complete either of the following financial tasks –

  • Wire Transfers
  • Online Payments
  • Mobile Transactions
  • Paper Fund Transfers
  • Electonic | Wireless Transactions
  • Direct Deposits

So, it is a good idea to learn all the details about routing number of Regions Bank. And, keep data with you, so that you can use it in future while proceeding any online transaction.

Most Used Routing Numbers of Regions Bank are

  Regions Routing Number Florida 063104668

  Regions Routing Number Louisiana | LA 065403626

  Regions Routing Number TN | Tennessee 064000017

  Regions Routing Number GA | Georgia 061101375

  Regions Routing Number Alabama 062000019

However, Check more routing numbers of Regions Bank for other region’s/state’s from given list, below in the table.

Regions Bank Routing Number List

regions bank

Get your own Regions Bank routing Number from the below table of the list by all states. Also, check Address for Regions Bank mobile banking, direct deposits and wire transfer.

Routing Numbers for Regions Bank

States | Regions

062000019 Alabama | AL
082000109 Arkansas | AK
063104668 Florida | FL
061101375 Georgia | GA
071122661 Illinois | IL
074014213 Indiana | IN
073900438 Iowa | IA
083901744 Kentucky | KY
065403626 Louisiana | LA
065305436 Mississippi | MS
081001387 Missouri | MO
053012029 North Carolina | NC
053201814 South Carolina | SC
064000017 Tennessee | TN
111900785 Texas | TX
051009296 Virginia | VA
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However, you may contact the Regions bank customer service @ 1-800-734-4667, if you feel to require more assistance on Regions bank mobile banking, wire transfer, and direct deposits.

Hope that this info related to Regions Bank Routing Numbers (Regions Routing Number) was informative for you. And, will be helpful in future while proceeding any kind of online transaction with the Regions Bank.

When it comes to the truthfulness of details, friends, you can use this Regions Bank routing transits number details without any kind of hesitation. Since it is presented hereafter proper searches and investigations.

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