RBFCU Routing Number 314089681

The following post is explaining all detailed information about theĀ RBFCU Routing Number 214089681.

RBFCU Routing Number 314089681

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In this post, I am going to share full detailed information aboutĀ Randolph brooks federal credit union routing number (RBFCU routing number) along with theĀ RBFCU wire transfer & fees for wire money withĀ RBFCU. This post also explains the details required forĀ wire transactions, paper transfers, and other online payments.

RBFCU Routing NumberĀ 314089681


What is YourĀ RBFCU Routing Number?

Frequently come to know that how important is the routing number of RBFCU is?Ā whenever you are approaching an online transaction with the RBFCU. So, it is a good idea to learnĀ RBFCU routing numbersĀ so that we can use it whenever it requires.

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Basically, yourĀ RBFCU routing number isĀ a #9 digit unique code, used by the financial unions and federal banks in the United States to complete all types of transactions. In fact, it used to identify and verify all kinds of ongoing and completing transactions by the issuer, ABA. It alsoĀ identifies the location of the bank, credit unions and all kinds of financial institutions, to which, whom customer is connected and going to complete financial transfers.

RBFCU routing numbers

In general routing numbers for RBFCU are the essential need to start and complete any kind of online transactions including theĀ mobile payments, or any otherĀ paper transactions like checks or anything. So, it is a good idea to save and keep this data about RBFCU routing numbers with you and use it to complete all kinds of online transactions.

RBFCU Routing NumberĀ 314089681

  • There is only one activeĀ routing number for RBFCU. And,
  • The only #active RBFCU routing number isĀ 314089681
  • The routing number 314089681 of RBFCU is valid for all kind of online transactions.
  • So, use this routing number of RBF CU to complete all types of online transaction with this credit union.

However, learn below the profile of routing number of RBFCU

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union Routing NumberĀ Profile

RBFCU routing number

RBFCU Routing NumberĀ 314089681 | Profile
RBFCU Texas Tx Routing Number 314089681
Registered Bank Name RANDOLPH BROOKS FCU
Registered Bank Address One Randolph Brooks ParkwayLive Oak, Texas tx 78233-2416
Status Active
Type O ā€“ Main Office
Bank Telephone Phone 1-210-637-4116
Users are allowed to complete
  • Paper Transactions
  • Wire Fund Transfers
  • Electronics Transactions
  • Mobile Payments
  • Direct Deposits
  • Online Transfers

Wire Transfer Fees for RBFCU (Randolph Brooks Credit Union) for Wire Transfer

The fees for International and Domestic Wire Transfer for RBFCU or Randolph Brooks Credit Union areĀ  as below –

RBFCU International Wire Transfer Fees Incoming $ 0Ā for each transaction + Intermediary Bank Fees
Outgoing $ 50Ā for each transaction + Intermediary Bank Fees
RBFCU Domestic wire Transfer Fees Incoming $ 0Ā for each transaction
Outgoing $ 10Ā for each transaction

Do note that fees may be higher if your wire transfer includes any kind of currency exchange. It is also possible that you can get very low exchange rates in currency exchange. Since there are high fees included in the currency exchange.

Hope that theĀ information available here related to theĀ RBFCU Routing NumberĀ orĀ Randolph Brooks federal credit union routing numberĀ was informative and enough for you to complete your transactions with the RBFCU.

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