PNC Bank Wire Transfer – Instructions & Guide for Wire Transfer with PNC Bank

How to make a wire transfer with PNC Bank – PNC Bank Wire Transfers Instructions & Guide

Wants to Make a wire transfer with PNC bank, but have a no idea about how to wire transfer with PNC bank? Then please, read this article very carefully.

I assure that this article can help the most in learning how to wire transfer from and to PNC bank. In this article, you can also get information about:

  • PNC International wire transfer fee
  • PNC Domestic wire transfer fee
  • PNC virtual wallet wire transfer

At the last section of this article, I will give the PNC Bank customer support phone number for more PNC wire transfer assistance.

So, let us move to the article…

What is PNC Bank Wire Transfer

To receive and send from and to PNC bank account, wire transfer is one of the fastest ways. With wire transfer service, you can send and receive money from within the USA, and also from the other foreign counties.

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Domestic Wire Transfers helps to receive cash from and within the USA. Whereas International wire transfer helps to send and receive cash from foreign countries.

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Doing Wire transfer is easy, but not as simple as you are thinking. Once your wire transactions begin by your sender through a means of any financial institution, providing some bank information by the sender is the must for a successful wire transfer.

PNC Bank International Wire Transfer

With the service of PNC Bank international wire transfer, one can easily send and receive cash throughout the globe with the quickest transfer of cash. And, SWIFT code network makes this possible through exchanging messages needed for doing it via connecting with other banks to abroad.

Such kind of banking is also called as Correspondent Banking. However, for sending bank in any other country and the receiving bank in the USA requires a direct arrangement with each other to start and complete swift transfer.

Instructions for Incoming International PNC Wire Transfer

Please provide the following details to receive an international wire transfer to your PNC account.

Bank Name PNC Bank, NA
SWIFT Code for PNC Bank PNCCUS33
PNC Routing Transit Number PNC Routing Number of Your state, where you had opened you PNC Account
Bank address, City with State
  • PNC Bank NA
  • 222 Delaware Avenue,
  • Wilmington, DE 19899

(depends on your bank location)

Beneficiary Account Number Your PNC Bank account number
** (including the leading zeros) **
Beneficiary Name Your name as it appears in your statement of your account.

** These directives are for an incoming Citi bank wire transfer. **

** Do note that if your transaction involves any kind of currency conversion, then it might be possible that your bank gives you very low exchange rate. Due to high fees are there for currency conversion. Usually, about 2 % less exchange rate than the market rate. **

PNC Bank Domestic Wire Transfer

PNC bank domestic wire transfer makes easier to transfer cash anywhere within the USA. With this, US citizens can transfer their funds, rent, and other contingency funds. In fact, domestic wire transfer is a great service provided by the PNC bank to the US Citizens.

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And, it is run with the help of either ACH Fedwire system or by the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS). And transfer completes on the same day of the request.

Instructions for Incoming Domestic Wire Transfers

Through the domestic wire transfer, US citizens can receive money to their PNC account from anywhere in the USA.

So, provides the following details to the sender to start your domestic wire transfer to PNC bank account.

Bank Name PNC Bank
PNC Wire Transfer Routing Number PNC Routing Number of Your state, where you had opened you PNC Account
Account Holder Name Your Name
Account Number Your Bank Account Number
Bank Address, City & State
  • PNC Bank NA
  • 222 Delaware Avenue,
  • Wilmington, DE 19899

(depends on your bank location)

** These directives are for an incoming Citi bank wire transfer. **

PNC Bank Wire Transfer Fees

International PNC Wire Transfer Fees

  • $ 15 for each incoming transaction. And,
  • $ 45 for each outgoing transaction.

Domestic PNC Wire Transfer Fees

  • $ 15 for each incoming transaction. And,
  • $ 30 for each outgoing transaction.

** Do note that if your wire transfer transaction involves any kind of currency conversion. Then additional fees for currency conversion are included. **

How to Sends Wire Transfers From PNC Bank?

For funds transfer to an international or domestic account from your PNC account, you have to fill up the Wire Transfer Request Form. Which is available at all the branches of PNC Bank.

Then after the procedure is as following:

  • Fill up all the fields marks as per the above Wire Transfer Instructions in the PNC Wire Transfer Request Form
  • Now, the completed PNC wire transfer form can be submitted at any branch of PNC Bank. It should be Signed for successful transfer.
  • Keep one copy of Wire Transfer Disclosure with you for your further records.
  • Also, the Wire transfer requests must be submitted and confirmed within the PNC Bank cut-off time.
  • However, it includes little fees for funds or wire transfers.

Note – Due to fluctuations in the foreign exchange rates, the international wire transfers amount, other the US dollar will be estimated and processed on the next business day on the basis of foreign exchange rate valid at the time of international wires requested by the PNC Bank daily cut-off time. Related more details you can see here pnc routing number

PNC Bank Wire Transfer Cut-off Time

  • The daily cut off time for all kinds of wire transfers is 5:59 P.M. ET.
  • And, the Wire transfer request received after the daily cut off time will be actioned on the next PNC business day.

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