NCSECU Routing Number 253177049

State Employees Credit Union Routing Number

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In this post, I will share you all the genuine details related to the State Employees Credit Union Routing Number. So, that you can starts and complete all types of transactions with the NSCECU with the help of NCSECU checking Routing Number 253177049. Here you can also check what is my NCSECU ABA transit Routing Number on checks? with NCSECU address for direct deposits and wire transfer

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NCSECU Routing Number 253177049

nc secu routing number

What is my NC State Employees Credit Union Routing Number?

NC State Employees Credit Union routing number is a unique nine-digit bank code, issued by the ABA (American Banker’s Associations) in the USA. Basically, routing number of NCSECU is used to identify the financial institution & federal banks with whom you are connected and completing your financial transactions in the United States.

In general, the routing number of NCSECU is also known as NCSECU RTN, NCSECU ABA RTN, NCSECU Routing Transit Numbers, etc by users in general.

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What is NCSECU Routing Number on Check & how to Find it?

There are many ways to find routing numbers of NCSECU by your own. However, finding NCSECU ABA routing transit number on checks is the easiest way.

Let’s we search the NCSE Credit Union routing number on a check.

In general, the routing number of NC State Employees CU is printed electronically in every check on the left side in the bottom. Followed by your NCSECU account Number and then your issuing check number.

However, See below image to learn Where to find NCSECU checking Routing Number on a check.

ncsecu routing number

State Employees Credit Union Routing Number 253177049

NC State Employees Credit Union allows the users to complete all types of fund transfers and transactions with the help of NC State Employees Credit Union Routing Number. So, if you are a member of NC State Employees Credit Union, then you essentially required the NCSECU routing transit number 253177049 for competing following transfer with NC State Employees Credit Union –

  • Direct Deposits
  • Fund transfers by means of Paper, Wire or Electronic transactions
  • Mobile payments | Online transactions
  • e-checks etc.

So, it is important to keep and save all the details related to the routing number 253177049 of NCSECU. Check out the other important details related to routing number 253177049 below.

NCSECU Routing Number 253177049

Currently, there is one active routing number of NC State Employees Credit Union. And, the ##active routing number for NCSECU’s Credit Union is 253177049.

And, this routing number of NC SECU is valid for all types of transactions. It is valid for completing the following –

  • Direct Deposits
  • Fund transfers by means of Paper, Wire or Electronic transactions
  • Mobile payments | Online transactions
  • e-checks etc.

You will be required to enter this routing when you will be proceeding with any of financial transfers or transactions.

Hope that this available information about NCSECU Routing Number or NC State Employees Credit Union Routing Number will be good enough for you. And, will be helpful for you in completing all types of transactions with State Employees Credit Union to send and receives funds instantly.

And, use this NCSECU Routing Number 253177049whenever, you are approaching any transaction with NC State Employees Credit Union.

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