Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number | Get All GECU ABA RTN Here

Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number

Hello friends, Today I am here to share details about GECU ROUTING NUMBER _ 312081089.

In this post, you can detailed information about the routing number – 312081089, Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number, how to find out my own GECU routing number. In this post, you can also get the GECU customer service phone number, GECU headquarters address.gecu routing number

So, read this post carefully about the GECU Routing Number EL Paso Texas _ 312081089.

Government Employees Credit Union | GECU

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Gecu (Government Employees Credit Union) is a state chartered credit union. And, it is headquartered in the El Paso, Texas.

Until the end of 2017:

  • Gecu had $2.6 billion in assets.
  • 360,000 plus members with 780 plus employees in hand.

Gecu own a big place in the banking field. And, it offers all kinds of financial services. Like, savings and checking accounts, consumer loans, credit cards, mortgages, online banking.

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What is My Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number?

GECU Routing Number or GECU ABA RTN Number is a 9 digit code. And, Routing Transit Number is assigned by ABA (American Banker’s Association) to perform various kinds of electronic transactions and direct deposit by the financial institution in the United States.

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Actually, all the banks and credit unions that work in the USA posses at least one Routing number. And, ABA issues this number on the basis of bank location.

Your Gecu routing number is same as the routing number of GECU is 312081089. Routing numbers are also referred as an ”ABA Numbers”, ”Check Routing Number”, or an ABA RTN (Routing Transit Numbers).

In fact, Gecu routing number is compulsory for proceeding any financial transactions to and from Gecu. And, without routing number of GECU, it is not possible to send and receive money through direct deposit.

How to find My Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number On Check?

There are many ways to find out your own routing numbers. However, from the stock of ways, the easiest and simplest one is to get routing number of Gecu from checks.

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Let us see, how?

  • First of all, take the GECU check in your hand.
  • now, look at the bottom, at the left end of the check.
  • There is a series of numbers. In which
    • The first 9 digits are GECU routing number
    • The following 10 to 12 number are your account number. and,
    • the last is your issuing check number.

GECU Routing Number EL Paso Texas

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There is only one active routing number of GECU EL Paso. And, it is 312081089.

Whenever you need to complete any kind of financial transactions, you have to provide some information including the routing number of GECU. So, friends, it is a good idea to download and save this data on your device.

With this information, you can complete Electronic Transaction, Online Money Transfer, Wire Transfer, Bill Payment, Check Payment, Direct Fund  Deposit, Wire Transfer and so on.

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GECU Routing Number EL Paso Texas

Provides the following details to complete a successful wire transfer or a direct deposit transaction:

GECU Routing Number Zip Code Location State Address Telephone Number
312081089 79925-0000 EL Paso Texas 1225 Airway Boulevard 915-778-9221

GECU Wire Transfers Instructions

You can easily find the GECU routing number on checks assigned for personal or business accounts.

Then after, here below is easy to follow a procedure for completing a wire transfer successfully:

» First of all, Check GECU routing number.

» Now, fill up your GECU account number.

» Then after, enter your GECU Address

» Now, send the request for wire transfer. And, wait for a confirmation call from the bank.

To send cash via wire transfer from the GECU, the procedure is as follow:

» First of all, fill up the GECU wire transfer form.

» Now, send it to your bank.

» Now, wait for some time for a confirmation call from the bank on your request.

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** Notes –

  • ** Please read the  GECU Terms and Conditions documents to understand the rules governing the GECU wire transfers. Since it contains detailed guidelines and rules on most GECU operations. **
  • ** Must check all the details, filled in the GECU wire transfer form as many times as possible. Since a minor misspelling can your wire transfer or may lead to cancellation, which is not an easy job.

Point to consider About GECU Routing Number and GECU wire Transfer

  • Gecu does not possess any SWIFT Number. Means, for doing an international wire transfer from and to GECU, you need a multinational intermediary bank having a great working assistance.
  • Wire transfers are pretty difficult to cancel. So
  • Must check all the details, filled in the GECU wire transfer form as many times as possible.
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So, this is all about GECU routing number or Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number, GECU wire transfer instruction, and fees, How to find GECU routing numbers on checks, etc.

However, if you have still any kind of query regarding GECU routing number, please talks with the Customer service department of Gecu for more financing assistance. The customer service number of GECU or GECU Customer Service Number is 1-915-778-9221 or toll-free at 1-800-772-4328.

Hope that this is informative and helpful for you. And, please a reply for more details about Government Employees Credit Union Routing Number.

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