Educators Credit Union Routing Number 🇺🇸275981378🇺🇸

The following post is explaining detailed information on Educators Credit Union Routing Number Racine WI. So, if you are a lucky member of this Educators Credit Union then, you should check this post.

Educators Credit Union Routing Number

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Today, I am here to share detailed information about routing number of Educators Credit Union. In this post, you can find all the details about the routing number of Educators Credit Union Racine WI. With address for wires, direct deposits, and mobile transfer with it. You can also find the Educators Credit Union phone number, address, and other contact details here in this post.

So, read this post to get 100 % genuine details on  Educators CU ABA Routing Number to complete various types of transactions with it.

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Educators Credit Union Routing Number

educators credit union wire transfer routing number

What is My Educators Credit Union Routing Number?

Educators Credit Union ABA Routing Number is a unique 9 digit bank code issued by the American Bankers Association (ABA) to the financial institutes.

Basically, it is used to identify the bank or federal credit union, to whom you are associated with and approaching to complete a transaction.

The routing number or ABA Number for Educators Credit Union is 275981378.  This number may be used for a variety of services, including direct deposit, wire transfers, tax purposes, paying utilities & more. This routing number of Educators Credit Union is valid for all types of transactions.

Do note that Educators Credit Union Checking Routing Number does not have a separate Routing Number for Wire Transfer. So, if you are an active member of Educators CU, then here are some important details that may help you when you’re asked to provide ECU routing number. So, check it very carefully and save it for you. So, that you can use it, whenever, you require using this routing number of Educators Credit Union to proceed and complete various type of transactions with it.

Sometimes, Educators CU Routing numbers are also referred to as “ECU Checking Routing Numbers”, “ECU ABA Numbers”, or “ECU Routing Transit Numbers” (RTN) by the users in general. And, also the Routing numbers for ECU differ depending on, where your ECU account was opened and also on the type of transaction made.

Where to Find Educators Credit Union Checking Routing Number & Educators Credit Union Account Number for Automatic Deposits (12-digits required)

Along with Educators Routing Number, the 12-digit Educators CU account number is also required to ensure that the money is deposited to an account or for timely payments made online or by phone.

There are several ways to find your ECU checking Routing Number and the 12-digit ECU account number.

However, the best place to find 12-digit account number is on the bottom of checks right beside Routing number.

educators credit union routing number

In general, ECU ABA RTN is printed electronically at the left bottom end of every check issued by Educators CU. At this left bottom end, you can easily find that –

  • The #nine digits are your Educators CU routing number.
  • Followed by Educators CU account Number. And, then,
  • Your issuing check number.

Educators Credit Union Routing Number – 275981378

The Educators CU checking routing number 275981378 allows performing the following fund’s transfer to Educators Credit Union instantly –

  • ACH transfer, Wire transfer &  Fund Transfer
  • Mobile Banking & Paper Transactions
  • Wire Fund Transfers & Direct Deposits
  • Mobile Payments & Online Transfers
  • Electronics Transactions & Payment
  • E-transfer & E-checks

But, you need to provide Educators Credit Union address for direct deposits and wire transfer with ECU phone number. So, learn it from below.

Educators Credit Union Routing Number 

Check Educators CU address for direct deposits and wire transfer with Educators CU phone number from the following table –

BANK NAME Educators Credit Union
STATE Wisconsin
TELEPHONE NUMBER (262) 886-5900

*** Please verify that the Educators Credit Union ABA routing number shown above is correct for you or not by calling the Educators customer service phone number @ 800-596-5460 or (262) 886-5900 before using it in any financial transaction.

Educators Credit Union Wire Transfer

Wire transfer is the fastest mode of sending and receiving funds from one bank account to another bank account. And, do like other banks and federal credit union, Educators credit union also provide this facility of wire transfer to their customers.

educators credit union aba routing number

However, to proceeding and complete a wire transfer with this credit union, you need to provide few general details regarding your saving and checking account along with Educators Credit Union Wire Transfer Routing Number.

Incoming International Wire Transfer Instructions

To receive an international wire, the financial institution must have an active SWIFT code. But, Educators credit union is not a multinational financial institute, it is not an active member of SWIFT network.

So, it can be done by an intermediary bank having a multinational network. And, then this bank will transfer this funds via domestic wire transfer to Educators CU.

So, provide the following information to receive an international wire transfer to Educators credit union  (Eg: using Wells Fargo Bank as an intermediary bank) –

  • Wire to – Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • Address – 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104
  • Swift Code – WFBIUS6S
  • Beneficiary – Educators Credit Union
  • Address – 1400 N NEWMAN RD, RACINE, Wisconsin, (262) 886-5900
  • Routing Number – 275981378
  • For Further Credit to – Your Name, Address and Account Number

Incoming Domestic Wire Transfer Instructions

Provide the following information to receive a domestic wire transfer to Educators Credit Union –

  • Bank Name – Educators Credit Union (ECU)
  • Wire Transfer Routing Number – 275981378
  • Account Holder Name – Your Name
  • Account Number – Your Bank Account Number
  • Bank Address, with City & State – Your Branch location address. For eg.
    • Educators Credit Union, 1400 N NEWMAN RD, RACINE, Wisconsin, (262) 886-5900

Wire Transfer Fees for Educators Credit Union

As like other banks and federal credit union in the USA, Educators Credit Union also impose little charges for sending and receiving funds using their special service. So, it is important to check Educators Credit Union wire transfer fees.

But, currently, I have no genuine details about Educators Credit Union wire transfer fee. So, get the genuine fee by calling the Educators customer service phone number @ 800-596-5460 or (262) 886-5900 before proceeding a wire transfer transaction.

Hope that this details related to Educators Credit Union Routing Number (Routing Number of Educators Credit Union – 275981378) along with Educators wire transfer, fees will be good enough for you. And, will be helpful for you in completing all types of transactions with Educators Credit Union to send and receives funds instantly.

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