Parkside Credit Union Routing Number #272482456#

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Hello Parkside Users… here is good news for you!!! Today, I am going to share detailed information related to Parkside Credit Union Routing Number 272482456 here in this post.

Along with Parkside Routing Number, you can also get instruction to wire money with Parkside credit Union Wire transfer with fees along with the Parkside address for direct deposits and phone number here in this post.

Parkside Credit Union Routing Number 272482456

parkside credit union routing numbers

What is Parkside Credit Union ABA Routing Transit Number

Each and every time we are approaching any kind of online transaction with the Parkside CU, we must have to provide the Parkside Credit Union Routing Number 272482456 for completing it successfully.

So, please keep all the data related to the routing number 272482456 of Parkside Credit Union with you. To avoid any kind of disturbance while executing any online transaction.

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Your Parkside routing number is a unique 9 digit code, issued by the American Banker’s Association (ABA). In general routing number of Parkside credit union is used to verify all ongoing and completing transaction with Parkside. It also identifies to which branch location, the customer is attached to.

How to Find Parkside Routing Number

There are several ways to find out your own Parkside routing number. However, amongst the bunch of ways, the finest one is to get your Parkside ABA routing transit number from the checks.

In fact, your Parkside Credit Union Routing number is located/printed at the left bottom corner of your Parkside checks.

You can see the following image to learn where to find Parkside checking account routing number on a check.

usaa checking routing numbers

Parkside Credit Union Routing Number 272482456

Do you know how many active routing number Parkside has… No, then, You can know it from here…

There is one active routing number for Parkside CU.

And, the Parkside credit union routing number is 272482456.

The Routing number 272482456 of Parkside Credit Unions is valid for all kinds of transactions including the following type of transaction with this CU –

  • Member to member transfers,
  • Wire transfers,
  • Fund transfers,
  • Online payment, etc.

So, learn other details related to the routing number of Parkside CU.

Parkside Credit Union FedACH Routing

Name – Parkside Credit Union
Address –
36525 Plymouth Rd
Livonia, MI 48150
Phone – 734-525-0700
Type – Main Office
Servicing Fed’s Main Office  – 071000301, 1000 Peachtree St. N.E., Atlanta, GA
Status – Active

Parkside Credit Union Fedwire Routing

The Parkside Credit Union Fedwire Routing Number is 272477720. However, it doesn’t process Fedwire Payments.

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PCU Routing Number | 272482456 | Profile

Bank Name Parkside Credit Union
Routing Number 272482456
Detailed Address
36525 Plymouth Rd
Livonia, MI 48150
State Montana
Zip Code 48150
Phone Number (406) 862-2652

All Active Routing Number for Parkside Credit Union MI

Check below Parkside Credit Union address for wires, direct deposits, and mobile banking for all active routing numbers of Parkside Credit Union along with bank branch phone number.

How to Wire Funds With Parkside Wire Transfer

Parkside Credit Union allows you to perform incoming and outgoing wire domestic and international wire transfer with it to sends and receives funds instantly. Since wire transfers are the fastest way to send and receive funds.

parkside credit union routing number

However, outgoing international wire transfers are completed through their Global Money Transfer partners. Because Parkside is not a multinational CU, it is not an active member of the global SWIFT Network.

So, learn the following information to initiate & complete a wire transfer with the Parkside CU.

Parkside Domestic Wire Transfer

This allows you to sends and receives funds from the United States instantly. But, you have to provide following details to complete it successfully

  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Name of receiving institution
  • Address of receiving institution
  • The routing number of receiving institution

Parkside Incoming International Wire Transfer

This allows you to send and receives funds from abroad throughout the world instantly. But, you have to provide following details to complete it successfully.

  • Beneficiary’s name
  • Beneficiary’s account number
  • Beneficiary’s address
  • Parkside Routing Number – 272482456
  • Parkside SWIFT code – BWSTUS66 (Intermediary bank)
  • Parkside Address
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Parkside Credit Union Wire Transfer Fees

Presently, I do not have the accurate fees details for International and domestic Wire transfer fees for the Parkside Credit Union.

So, You can talk to the Parkside customer service phone number @ 800-363-7821Or can visit a nearby Parkside Branch for more assistance on wiring funds with Parkside Credit Union.

To find a nearby Parkside Credit Union Location Near Me – Click Here (branch location)


Hope that you will save this detailed data related to Parkside Credit Union Routing Number  272482456 and how to wire funds with Parkside CU with fees for it. And, do not forget to make use of it, whenever you require using this details.

Hope that this post was interesting and informative for you. And, will help you in completing all kinds of online transactions with the Parkside Credit Union.

Have a nice day!!! GOOD BUY!!!

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