【CEFCU Routing Numbers】 Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Numbers

Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Numbers

Hello, my friends, Today I am going to share detailed information on CEFCU routing numbers or Citizens Equity First Credit Union routing numbers in this post. So, if you are a member of Citizens Equity First CU, and frequently required to proceed funds transfer with CEF Credit Union, then, it is advised you to check this post very carefully.

In this post, you can also find what is CEFCU address for mobile banking, wire transfer, and direct deposits along with CEFCU phone number and locations near me in the last section of this post.

CEFCU Routing Numbers

cefcu checking routing numbers

What is My Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number?

Your Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number is a unique #9 digit numerical bank code, issued by the ABA (American Bankers Association) to the Citizens Equity First CU.

Basically, this number is used to send and receive various funds through the mobile banking, wire transfer, and direct deposits instantly from one account to another.

In general, it also helps to identify the branch location to which your account is associated and the transactions are ongoing and approaching to complete. Since it is issued on the basis of your branch locations and type of account.

Sometimes, CEFCU routing numbers are also called “CEFCU Checking Routing Number”, “CEFCU ABA Numbers”, “CEFCU ABA RTN”, “CEFCU banking routing numbers” and  “CEFCU Routing Transit Numbers” by the users in general.

And, if you are a member of Citizens Equity First CU and wants to complete any kind of fund transfer through mobile banking or online banking or direct deposits & wire transfer, then, providing CEFCU  routing number is essentially required.

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Find CEFCU Routing Transit Number on Checks

Guys, there are many ways to find your own CEFCU checking routing number on your own. However, the best one is to get this routing number for CEFCU from the CEFCU checks.

In fact, the routing number of Citizens Equity First CU is electronically printed on the leftmost bottom end of the check. You can find it on the left bottom corner.

Let’s check out the following image to learn where to find Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number on a check.

cefcu routing numbers

Here you can find: –

CEFCU Routing Number

CEFCU’s routing number is always 271183701. You can find it in the numbers at the bottom of your check. It’s the left group of numbers.

CEFCU Account Number

Your account number is the middle group of numbers at the bottom of a check. Be sure to include the 01 when referring to it. The last number (in this case 8) only needs to be included on Checking account transactions.

CEFCU Check Number

The check number appears in the upper right corner of your check. It’s also the right group of numbers at the bottom of a check.

CEFCU Routing Numbers for Direct Deposits & Mobile Banking

CEFCU provides all types of financial services to their customers to keep them happy and satisfied with the services. And, like other other financial institutes in the USA, It also offers the facility of direct deposits, mobile banking, and wire transfer with the help of routing number.

cefcu checking routing numbers on check

CEFCU checking routing numbers allow you to start and complete numbers of transactions with it to their users for transferring funds from one account to another. And, without Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number, you are not allowed to complete any of the following transactions –

  • Electronic Transaction
  • Check Payment
  • Wire Transfer
  • Online Money Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Direct Fund  Deposit
  • Check Payment
  • Mobile banking,
  • And, other online funds transactions.

So, if you require transferring funds through wire transfer or direct deposits or with the mobile banking, then it is advised to save this details with you. So, that you can use it, whenever, you need using this routing number of Citizens Equity First  CU.

Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Numbers | List with Address

CEFCU’s routing number is always 271183701. However, check the details of other active and valid routing numbers for CEFCU in the following table: –

CEFCU’s Routing Numbers (Valid ) Last Updated Primary State Branch Address & Information
7/16/2012 CA Citizens Equity First Credit Union5401 W DIRKSENPEORIA, IL 61607-0000309 633-7000
6/12/2013 CA Citizens Equity First Credit Union[VLY CU SJ]5401 W DIRKSEN PKWYPEORIA IL 61607-0000309 633-7000
1/23/2012 IL Citizens Equity First Credit Union[CIT EQTY FED CR UN]5401 W DIRKSEN PKWYPEORI,  IL 61607-0000309 633-3413

How to Wire Funds with CEFCU Wire transfer

Citizens Equity First Credit Union provides various low-cost transfer services to their members, including the incoming and outgoing domestic wire transfers. However, an International wire transfer can be received with the help of an intermediary bank having a multinational network.

cefcu routing numbers locations

However, the following information is required to initiate and complete an outgoing domestic wire transfer: –

  • Name of financial institution funds will be wired to,
  • Routing number or transit number of receiving financial institution,
  • Full address of receiving financial institution,
  • Name of recipient,
  • Bank account number of wire recipient, and
  • Amount to be wired.

CEFCU Wire Transfer Fees

Wire transfer is the fastest way of sending and receiving funds through mobile banking and online banking. So, for providing this facility of wire transfer and direct deposits, CEFCU impose little fees for it.

So, to learn more about CEFCU wire transfer fees, please Contact a member services representative or visit a CEFCU branch office/location around you for a detailed overview of the wire transfer process and associated fees.

Hope that this post explaining details about CEFCU Routing Numbers or Citizens Equity First Credit Union Routing Number was informative and interesting for you. And, hope that this details will be helpful in executing all kinds of online transactions & mobile banking with the CEFCU or Citizens Equity First Credit Union.

And, please comment us in the comment box to know more about routing number and wire transfer instructions for all banks and credit unions, active in the USA.

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