Barksdale Federal Credit Union Routing Number | Shreveport LA

Barksdale Federal Credit Union Routing Number

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You can also find Barksdale Federal Credit Union address for wires, direct deposits, and BFCU mobile banking along with Barksdale FCU customer service phone number, address and other contact details in this post.

Barksdale Federal Credit Union Routing Number LA

Barksdale Federal Credit Union (BFCU) is a federally chartered credit union, which is headquartered in Barksdale, Shreveport, LA.

barksdale federal credit union routing number

What is My Barksdale Federal Credit Union Routing Transit Number?

Your BFCU routing number is a combination of #9 digit code, assigned by the ABA (American Bankers Associations). The basic need for BFCU routing number is that without it, it is not possible to perform any kind of fund transfer through BFCU net banking and mobile banking.

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BFCU’s routing number is 311175093. These 9 numbers can also be found on the bottom left-hand corner of your check.

It is mostly used to find the location with few other general information regarding that financial institution, to which it belongs too.

The Routing number of BFCU is mostly used by the Federal Reserve Banks to access Fedwire funds transfers. And Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct fund transfers, various bill payments, and some other automated fund transfers.

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Where to find out BFCU Checking Routing Number?

There are many ways to find or get your own routing number for Barksdale LA Credit Union, for your particular bank branch location. Some of these are explained below –

  1. Usually, Whenever, you generate an account in Barksdale Federal Credit Union, you will be provided a Barksdale Federal CU checkbook. A routing number is printed on the cheque at the left side in bottom-corner.
  2. If you haven’t got your Barksdale Federal Credit Union checkbook, then the other option is an email that you might have received from the bank on your registered email id.
  3. And, the last one is, if both of the above options do not work for you, then, you can call the Barksdale Federal Credit Union customer service number @ 318-746-4773. Because Barksdale FCU routing number for your particular bank branch keeps changing on the basis of different bank branch locations.
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However, See the following image to learn where to find BFCU checking routing number on a check –

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BFCU Routing Number | Barksdale Federal Credit Union ABA Routing Number

Barksdale LA Federal CU provides different kinds of financial services to its users. And, the routing number of Barksdale Federal Credit Union is the most important for all types of transaction with your bank.

The routing number of Barksdale FCU will be useful to you to proceed and complete any type of transaction with Barksdale into your account. So, it is a good idea to keep every detail of this routing number with you, if you often require transferring funds by a means of Barksdale FCU web banking and Barksdale FCU mobile banking.

The routing number of Barksdale FCU will be essentially required for the following transaction. –

  • Online Transactions.
  • Mobile Payments.
  • Fund Transfer between your accounts, other BFCU accounts, and other bank’s account.
  • Paper Transfer.
  • Wire transfers,
  • Wireless,
  • Online payments,
  • Electronic transactions,
  • Paper transfers,
  • e-checks, etc.

Barksdale Federal Credit Union FedACH Routing

barksdale federal credit union routing numbers

Name – Barksdale Federal Credit Union
Address –
2701 Village Ln
Bossier City, LA 71112
Phone – 318-746-4773
Type – Main Office
Servicing Fed’s Main Office – 111000038, Po Box 291, Minneapolis, MN
Status – Send to the customer using new routing number of 311175093

Barksdale Federal Credit Union Fedwire Routing

The Barksdale Federal Credit Union Fedwire Routing Number 311985759. However, it doesn’t process Fedwire Payments.

All Routing Number for Barksdale Federal Credit Union LA | List

See the following profile of BFCU checking routing number to get the address for BFCU mobile banking, direct deposits and wire transfer with main office phone number.

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311175093 Barksdale Federal Credit Union 2701 VILLAGE LN Louisiana BOSSIER CITY, 71112-3120 318-746-4773
311175093 Barksdale Federal Credit Union 2701 VILLAGE LN Louisiana BOSSIER CITY, 71112-3120 318-746-4773

*** Please, Verify that the Barksdale Federal Credit Union routing number shown above is correct for by calling the phone number 318-746-4773 before using it in any financial transaction.

You can also contact your local branch to get the correct routing number of Barksdale FCU through a means of following.

Barksdale Federal Credit Union Customer Service & Contact Details

  • Barksdale Federal Credit Union Customer Service
    • (318) 686-4317 ( Telephone Service Center)
    • (800) 647-2328 ( Online Banking Specialists)
    • (318) 686-4609 ( Fax)
  • Barksdale Federal Credit Union Contact Details
    • Barksdale Federal Credit Union
      9134 Mansfield Road
      Shreveport, LA 71118

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