Apple Federal Credit Union Routing ABA Number & Customer Service Number

Apple Federal Credit Union Routing Number

Hello Guys, Are you searching info related to Apple Federal Credit Union Routing Number for proceeding online banking and direct deposit, wire transfer. Then, let me tell you that you have been landed on the correct page of information.

Here in the following post, you can find Apple Federal Credit Union ABA Routing Transit Number. Along with Apple Federal Credit Union address for mobile banking, wire transfer, web banking, direct deposits, etc with the customer service phone number etc here in this post.

Apple Federal Credit Union (AFCU) Routing Number

Apple FCU is Non-profit Organisation, which is headquartered in Fairfax, VA (US). In 1956, a group of educators serving within the Fairfax County Public School system came together to assist a colleague in buying a set of car tires. This obviously simple act, though these 10 teachers could not have known it at the time, established the seeds for a community that would span half a century and serve thousands of members in the pursuit of an improved life, either through education and the achievement of dreams.

apple fcu routing number

Currently, having 22 branches, Apple FCU continues this tradition of service with a full range of high-quality, low-cost financial products and services designed to help members achieve their financial goals.

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The mission of Apple FCU

  • Member trust is our number one priority. We earn trust by:
    • Providing caring, personal service
    • Delivering competitive financial solutions
    • Supporting education and the communities we serve

What is Apple Federal Credit Union Routing Number?

256078514. Your Apple FCU routing number is a 9-digit numerical bank code designed and assigned to Apple Federal Credit Union by The American Bankers Association (ABA) to identify the financial institution upon which a payment was drawn.

Apple Federal Credit Union routing numbers are also known as ” Apple FCU ABA numbers”, “Apple FCU routing transit numbers” (RTN), or “Apple FCU check routing numbers”.

However, do note that the Routing numbers depend on the type of transaction made such as reorder Apple Federal Credit Union checks, use the number for wire transfers to your Apple Federal Credit Union account, receive incoming domestic or international wire transfers, or to set up direct deposits.

How to Find Apple FCU routing number on Checks?

There are many ways to find out the routing numbers of Apple FCU by your own. However, finding Apple FCU ABA routing transit number on checks is the easiest way. Let’s we search the Apple Federal CU routing number on a check.

Basically, AFCU Routing number is printed at the bottom left corner of the check issued by your bank branch of Apple Federal CU. Followed by Apple Federal Credit Union account number. And, your issuing check number.

However, check below image to learn “Where to find AFCU or Apple Federal Credit Union routing ABA number on a check”

eecu routing number

Apple Federal Credit Union Routing Number Virginia (VA)

Apple FCU routing number allows making

  • Mobile banking,
  • Fund transfer,
  • Wire transfer,
  • Wireless transactions,
  • ACH transfer,
  • Electronic transactions,
  • Mobile transaction,
  • e-checks,
  • Direct deposit, etc.

And, whenever you are approaching an online transaction with Apple FCU, having the routing number of Apple Federal Credit Union with you is essentially required. So, it is a good idea to keep all details about routing number of Apple Federal Credit Union, if you frequently required to proceed any type of transactions with it.

#Routing Number – 256078572 – Apple Federal Credit Union 

The Routing Number for Apple Federal Credit Union (Apple FCU) for all transaction types is 256078514

And, this Routing Number, 256078514 is valid for all kind of transaction with Apple FCU in Virginia VA, including the Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, e-transfer etc.

apple federal cu routing number

Do note that Apple Federal Credit Union does not have a separate Routing Number for Wire Transfer direct deposits, & mobile banking.

However, check the address for Apple FCU mobile banking, direct deposits and wire transfer with the phone number in below table –

Routing No.
Phone Number
256078514 PO BOX 888, FAIRFAX FAIRFAX Virginia (703) 788-4800
256078284 PO BOX 888, FAIRFAX FAIRFAX Virginia (703) 788-4800
256078572 PO BOX 888, FAIRFAX FAIRFAX Virginia (703) 788-4800

So, this is all about #Apple Federal Credit Union Routing Number, address for direct deposits, wire transfer & mobile banking.

Apple Federal Credit Union Customer Service Number

  • (703) 788-4800

However, Please call Apple Federal Credit Union representative @ (703) 788-4800 for more information on routing number of Apple Federal Credit Union to proceed any transaction with Apple FCU.

And, please visit our main page to know routing number details about any bank and federal credit union in the USA.

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