【STCU】Spokane Teachers Credit Union Routing Number 👀325182700👀

Spokane Teachers Credit Union Routing Number

Hiii Guys… Today I am going to share Spokane Teachers Credit Union Routing Number or STCU routing number with you.

So, If you are a member of Spokane Teachers CU Routing Number, then you need to check this detailed information related to STCU routing number 👀325182700👀.

I assure you that all the information mentioned in this post are 100 % legit and genuine. So, that you can use this details, whenever, you need to use this details. So, without sparing time here, let us move ahead to the post on routing number 325182700 of STCU

Spokane Teachers Credit Union Checking Routing Number

Friends, Spokane Teachers Credit Union checking Routing Number is a unique 9 digits bank code, issued by the American Bankers Association (ABA) to the Financial Institution. In fact, this routing number is used in the identification of all ongoing and completing transaction with the Spokane Teachers CU.


In general STCU routing number is issued on the basis of STCU branch location address. So, it also helps in locating the branch location, to which it belongs to.

And, If you want to proceed any kind of financial transaction with the ST credit union, then, providing STCU checking routing number is compulsory. Sometimes, STCU ABA routing transit number is also referred as “STCU ABA Numbers”, “STCU Check Routing Number”, and “STCU Routing Transit Numbers” in general by the ST credit union users.

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Find STCU Routing Number On Check

After knowing the importance of routing number of STCU in executing financial transactions, I hope that You definitely wants to learn more about how to get this routing number by your own.

My dear friends, there are several ways to get your own ST credit union routing number. But, finding STCU routing number on checks is the finest one among all these ways. So, following are the instruction for finding Spokane Teachers Credit Union ABA Routing Number in this way. Check them…

Just, take your STCU account Number check in your hand, and have a look at the bottom of the check. Here on the left-hand side, you can find a series of numbers. From which –

  1. The First #9 digits are your routing number for STCU.
  2. Followed by your STCU account number.
  3. And, your issuing check number.

stcu routing number

Spokane Teachers Credit Union Routing Number | STCU ABA RTN 325182700

Friends, Spokane Teachers Credit Union is not a multistate financial credit union. It provides services in only one state – Washington. That means there is only single STCU ABA routing number.

And, the one and only one ABA routing number of Spokane Teachers Credit Union is 325182700. And this routing number of STCU is valid for all kinds of transactions with the Spokane Teachers Credit Union, headquartered in Liberty Lake, Washington, USA. So, it is a good idea to keep this routing number with you by saving it on a device or on a paper. So, that it can be used, whenever, you are just approaching any kind of online transaction with Spokane Teachers CU in Washington.

what is stcu routing number on checks`

Spokane Teachers Credit Union Routing Number allows their users to complete –

  • Mobile banking,
  •  Fund transfer,
  •  Wire transfer,
  •  Payments,
  •  e-checks etc.

STUC Routing Number | STCU Address & Phone Number

Check out the below table and learn STCU address for direct deposits, phone number, and routing number with a Zip code of branch locations.

STCU Routing Number Location, State STCU Address Zip Code STCU Telephone Number
325182700 Liberty Lake, Washington 1620 N. Signal Drive 99019-9517 800-858-3750

How to Wire Money With STCU Wire Transfer

Spokane Teachers Credit Union allows their customers to send and receive funds by the means of both Domestic and International wire transfers.

You can visit one of the Spokane Teachers Credit Union’s banking centers to make international wire transfers with it.

Do note that SWIFT Code plays an important role in receiving an international wire transfer from any country throughout the world.

stcu wire transfer

However, to initiate the transfer process, the recipient should have to give necessary information to the sending financial institution. And, also keep in mind that Spokane Teachers Credit Union like other banking institutions, impose a processing fee for both incoming and outgoing wire transfers with the Spokane Teachers CU.

Domestic Wire Transfers

Spokane Teachers Credit Union allows their customers to receive domestic wire transfers into their accounts.

For this to happen, the customer must have to provide the following information to the sending financial institution or individual one –

  • Bank Name –  Spokane Teachers Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 325182700
  • Address of Bank – 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, Wash. 99202-5081
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Spokane Teachers Credit Union account number

International Wire Transfers

As we know that Spokane Teachers CU is not a multinational financial Insitute. So, it is not an active member of SWIFT network.

Thus, international wire transfers to Spokane Teachers CU must come through an intermediary in the USA. Then, the intermediary will forward the received funds to your Spokane Teachers Credit Union account imposing a little charge for it through the following domestic wire transfer details –

  • Bank Name –  Spokane Teachers Credit Union
  • Routing Number – 325182700
  • Address of Bank – 528 E. Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane, Wash. 99202-5081
  • Beneficiary’s Name – Your name
  • Beneficiary’s Account Number – Your Spokane Teachers Credit Union account number

STCU wire Transfer Fees

I have not genuine data on fees for domestic and International Wire Transfer with the Spokane Teachers CU. So, learn the STCU phone number and headquarters address to get accurate fees.

STCU  Phone Number Customer Service

Contact the Main Branch of STCU located at 106 W Nora Avenue by calling STCU customer care service phone number @ (509) 326-1954 or contact the credit union by any of these means for more assistance on doing financial transactions…

  • Phone – (509) 326-1954
  • Toll-Free – (800) 858-3750
  • Fax – (509) 344-2339
  • Website – www.stcu.org

Hope that this post related to STCU routing number or Spokane Teachers Credit Union routing number was informative for you and interesting too. And, will be helpful in starting and completing all kinds of financial transactions with Spokane Teachers Credit Union in Washington.

Thank you for reading me!!! And, stay tuned with us to read more posts on routing numbers of Banks in the USA.

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