【Guaranty Bank】 FedACH Routing Number | Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota

Guaranty Bank Routing Number for Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota

Hello dear friends, if you are a lucky member of Guaranty Bank and frequently uses to make various kinds of funds transfer from one account to another, then you need to check this post about Guaranty Bank FedACH Routing Number.

Routing Number of Guaranty Bank SSB is essentially required for starting and completing any kind of transaction with it. So, it is a good idea to learn all the details about Guaranty Bank routing transit number. Since Guaranty SSB Bank does not publish such types of data for customer comforts.

So, let us check post detailing the Guaranty Bank FedACH Routing Transit Number.

Guaranty Bank Routing Transit Number

Guaranty SSB Bank is a bank, which has its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Presently, this bank had had 119 branches, of which 107 were kiosks in the Walmart Supercenters and grocery stores. This bank was founded on January 1, 1923. As the GUARANTY SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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This banks operates mainly in five states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, and Georgia. This bank also operated in few other locations under the name Best Bank.

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And, All like other financial institutes in the United States, Guaranty SSB also provides all kinds of services to their customer to keep them happy. Services provided by this bank are Check Payment, Electronic Transaction, Direct Fund  Deposit, Wire Transfer, Online Money Transfer, Check Payment, Bill Payment, etc.

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However, to complete these transactions successfully, routing number of Guaranty bank is essentially required with few more details. Check it here.

What is My Guaranty Bank (SSB) FedACH Routing Number?

A Guaranty bank SSB routing number is a unique nine-digit numerical code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution.

Basically, Routing numbers of any financial institution are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, direct deposits, ACH (Automated Clearing House), bill payments, and other automated transfers.

In fact, without routing numbers of Guaranty bank SSB, it is not possible to start and complete any type of transaction with this bank to send and receive funds from one account to another account, instantly.

Where to find Guaranty Bank Routing Transit Number?

There are numbers of ways to find out this routing transit number of Guaranty SSB bank. But, to find out this number on your check is the easiest one of all these ways.

So, to find your routing number on your check, please, follow the instruction, given below: –

  • First of all, take your Guaranty bank check, issued by your local branch to you.
  • Now, have a look at the left end of the check on the bottom, left-hand side of the check.
  • Here, you can a series of numbers.
    • In this number series, the first #9 digits are your routing number for Guaranty Bank.
    • Followed by your Guaranty Bank account Number.
    • And, then followed by your issuing check number.

However, check the following image to learn where to find Guaranty SSB bank routing transit Number Milwaukee, Wi on the check.

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guaranty bank routing number

Guaranty Bank Routing Numbers

Guaranty SSB bank routing numbers allow making the following transactions successfully –

  • Check Payment
  • Electronic Transaction
  • Wire Transfer
  • Direct Fund  Deposit
  • Online Money Transfer
  • Bill Payment
  • Check Payment

So, if you frequently require transferring funds through Guaranty bank mobile banking, wire transfer, and direct deposits. Then it is advised you to save this details with you. So, that you can use it, whenever, you need using this routing number of Guaranty bank in Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota.

Guaranty Bank Routing Numbers for Wisconsin, Illinois & Minnesota

Friends, This banks operates in five main states, namely Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Georgia. Along with few other locations under the name Best Bank.

But, this bank has only #three active routing number. This bank has #active routing number only for Guaranty bank in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois.

guaranty bank routing numbers

So, check below other important details about Guaranty bank routing transit numbers like Guaranty bank address for mobile banking, direct deposits and wire transfer with it.

Guaranty Bank Routing Number Guaranty Bank Address Location State Phone Number
Guaranty Bank
4000 West Brown Deer Road
Brown Deer, WI 53209
Milwaukee Wisconsin
  • (800) 235-4636
  • (414) 362-4636
Guaranty Bank
5556 159th StreetOak ForestIllinois60452
Oak Forest Illinois
  • (800) 235-4636
Guaranty Bank,
Plymouth Mn Branch
10200 6th Ave.
Minneapolis Minnesota
  • (800) 235-4636

Do note that Guaranty Bank headquartered at 501 West Northshore Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53217 is no more active as of 2017-05-05 because of Absorption – Assisted.

However, you may contact the head office through Customer service phone number @ 

  • Access account info – (800) 235-4636
  • Banking Inquiries Toll-Free – (800) 235-4636
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  • 4000 West Brown Deer Road
    Brown Deer, WI 53209

If you feel or require more assistance on any kind of financial assistance with this bank.

Hope that all the details mentioned here about Guaranty Bank Routing Number or Guaranty Bank FedACH Routing Numbers was good enough for you and was informative too.

However, please comment us if you want to know more about Guaranty Bank SSB Routing Numbers.

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